We follow similar rules to the successful Rollapaluza group in the UK.

  • Both bikes shall be identical, same gearing, same tyre pressure. We run 44 x 14 (84.9″) gearing.
  • Both bikes are fixed wheel, ie. no coasting.
  • Riders will mount/dismount to the outside of each bike to avoid damaging the wiring.
  • Don’t pedal backwards! Physics dictates even one backward revolution will slide the back wheel off the roller.
  • During qualifying rounds times count, not victories. Top 8 men’s times and top 4 women’s (dependent on entry numbers) will go through to quarter/semi-finals respectively.
  • Riders will be given ample time to adjust saddle height/warm up before racing.
  • Each bike will have an attendant to ensure stability and to encourage/assist the riders.
  • Your MC will start the race. “3, 2, 1, go!’.  You may also watch the screen and watch the lights go out, similar to drag racing.
  • Races will generally be run over 500 metres.