Haiti Fundraiser, February 13th 2010

Valentine’s weekend and an early start time meant turnout was poor at our latest event, something we will rectify next time around. We raised €130 for Haiti and that money will be going through Oxfam this week. Thanks to everyone who raced and to the dj’s, MC, and other organisers.


Nick: 36.89

James: 37.87

Lorcan: 29.08

Stevie: 32.92

Peter: 28.27

Sean: 30.34

Pete: 27.13

Daz: 30.52

Ivan: 32.17

Cesar: 30.53

Nat: 28.11

Raj: 32.64

Eoghan: 30.74

Eoin: 28.66

Lawrence: 31.84

Sean: 29.77


Peter: 28.22

Eoin: 28.44

Nat: 27.67

Pete: 27.45


Pete: 28.09

Peter: 27.11


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